pouch pouch!

betty feather hair accessories pluie pluiehair

 yes! yes!! We made original pouches  for  only our website customers!feels nice & looks very you can bring your hair jewelry in your bag. It's lightly protect yours:-)  

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How to video 1 crescent comb

crescent comb hair accessories pluie pluiehair

 we are making how to video...I'd like to all people who is interesting our design,can enjoy our products.This is one of thing for some our friends who are wondering how to put it.or is it too heavy?or is it stable??As we are hairstylist we really care about it.Keep up loading how to video.If you have any requests please let us know:-

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Free shipping in USA.over $200 free shipping to the world!!

betty hair accessories pluie

  From last blog up-dete,We've been talking about shipping.As we have a lots of french visitors"most of Betty's friends" now.We decide that we gladly do this.over $200 purchase Free shipping to the world.*Duties & taxes are receiver's expense.  I think this is pretty good thing for our PLUIE friends.If this had good reaction I'm thinking to continu this.hope you enjoy your holidays! :-)

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Betty -

betty chain hair tie chain hair ties hair accessories hair tie pluie

After I met Betty who is a cute french fashionista blogger has nice personality!!Many people asked us where they can buy it in Europe.We can deliver our products all over the world .We can use UPS & USPS(USA post office) maybe start from in this week,with tracking which is a little cheaper than UPS .Hope this make you easier to reach it.But as we are new for industry we don't have any store to carry our products in Europe.For my friends & customers.I'd like to deliver my products ASAP in Europe.Then you can feel & play with it.Even it's 1...

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chain hair tie chain hair ties hair accessories hair tie pluie

We made instagram,twiter & face book account!!please join us-- instagram&twitter : @pluiehair

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