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After I met Betty who is a cute french fashionista blogger has nice personality!!Many people asked us where they can buy it in Europe.We can deliver our products all over the world .We can use UPS & USPS(USA post office) maybe start from in this week,with tracking which is a little cheaper than UPS .Hope this make you easier to reach it.But as we are new for industry we don't have any store to carry our products in Europe.For my friends & customers.I'd like to deliver my products ASAP in Europe.Then you can feel & play with it.Even it's 1 year warranty which we hope you to feel less worry.But shipping cost is not cheap to ship outside of USA.So please let us know any shop might be interesting to carry my stuff even not Europe  any where in the world.Your neighbor We do our best for you.Our hope is many of you can enjoy your great life with our piece of art.That's our goal.Let us know-! :-)

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