About Us



PLUIE, a Hair Jewelry brand established in 2013, embodies the concept “Pluie ressenti par surréalisme”, meaning ”rain felt by surrealism”. Transferring from Tokyo to Los Angeles while working as a hair stylist, Yuya Takahashi, began creating beautiful hand-crafted hair jewelry molds that do not sacrifice functionality. Through his experience as a hair stylist,Yuya creates high-quality, long-lasting products that are made to conform to your head shape with specific attention to weight balance. This attention to detail helps cater his accessories to a wide variety of hair types. PLUIE is not just a brand that creates functional yet aesthetically pleasing products, but a brand that will enhance feminine beauty to new heights.
founder/designer : YUYA TAKAHASHI       

contact: info@pluiehair.com  

instagram&twitter : @pluiehair


we accept wholesale clients.